Monday, 15 July 2013

A conversation

This may or may not have happened while I was working on the Player's Guide.

Me: Why don't any of the monsters in the Mourning Wood have MP? They're not going to use any of the skills you assigned.
NoMoshing: Huh.
Me: You want me to fix it?
NoMoshing: Okay.
Me: *sighs* You're already getting complaints about the balance...they're gonna think you're doing this on purpose.
No Moshing: I didn't do it on purpose, you did. You just did it.

On another note I still can't say Mourning Wood without giggling like a schoolgirl. Because I am a mature woman!


  1. Wait, you're a girl!? O.o I thought you were a guy! Mind is now gone. xD

  2. Sorry if that was confusing - the poster was me, not NoMoshing. He gave me author permissions for some stupid reason.